17 thoughts on “Boop”

  1. Hi Boop. We have a kitty that lives here that doesn’t want to be with other cats so we understand where you are coming from. We hope you can find that perfect home. You are a cute boy.

  2. Boop, you’re adorable! You sure know how to work that cat tree…love your tail!

    Katie knows what it’s like to want your “own” home. We understand. We sure hope you and your forever family find each other soon.
    xo, Glogirly & Katie

  3. Hello Boop! The first three pictures were like a jigsaw of you and we had to put your tail, torso and head together to get a full Boop! MOL.
    We hope your forever family comes to take you home soon!

  4. What a cutie puttie you are Boop. So you need a house with no other kitties huh? I’m with you on that. I love being an only. Hope you will soon find a furever home. You are soooooooo cute I know you will have no trouble doing so.

  5. We love to play clicker games, don’t we Boop? Boop is really smart. He gets so disappointed when he can’t come out to play because other kitties came out first.

    See ya soon, Boop, boy

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