Tabby Day

Five year old Bailey is a bit shy at first, but he warms up when you start to brush him. His cage card describes him as a “gentle couch potato.”

UPDATE! Bailey has been adopted!

Virginia is a busy, curious young girl cat. She was wondering why I was following her around pointing that little box at her.

To round off tabby day, here’s one of the most beautiful kittens of the year!

14 thoughts on “Tabby Day”

  1. We think Bailey is annoyed that flashy box made him see stars! He has wonderful white whiskers. Purhaps Virginia could be a detective as she’s curious about flashy boxes. As for the kitten – Mum is drooling!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Maggie….you have such an amazing gift when it comes to photographing these beautiful kitties!

  3. Hahaha…at least Virginia does not seem annoyed by the little box. My boys leave when they see the box!
    The kitten sure is beautiful. What a gorgeous coat!

  4. Why these beautiful sweeties don’t already have homes is beyond us. Purrs and soft head bumps to all shelter cats with hope that their forever homes are just a short time away.

    Happy World Cat Day!

  5. Our human’s rather partial to tabbies. 🙂

    Bailey has impressive-looking whiskers, and my, look at Virginia’s expression. LOL.

    And of course the tabby kitten is just adorable!

    We purr they all find wonderful homes.

  6. Baily’s expression is PRICELESS!
    Virginia is a sweetie.
    And Baby Cakes, with no name will be gone before you can name him.
    Hopefully big “brother” and “sister” will go with him.
    Tabby Days of Summer, my kind of joy!

    ☀ ☀ ☀

  7. Oh goodness, those are such pretty tabbies. That is one of our favorite colors and there are four or five that live here. Those kittens are adorable. Sure hope they find homes really soon.

  8. What pretty kitties and, of course, Mom Julie wants every one of them to come home with us.. 🙂

    We love Virginia’s expression, particularly.

    Lovely photos!


  9. Such beautiful pictures of some of the wonderful PAWS tabbies! I love that they are all tabbies, but that each has its own distinct markings (and a unique personality to match). 🙂

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