Shelter Dog

Carin is a three year old Maltese Poodle mix. Although she only has three legs, Carin gets around quite nicely.
A volunteer who is a pet groomer gave up her Sunday morning to make sure this little dog has the best chance for adoption.
First she was trimmed and shaved.

Then she got a bath. This little dog is so good natured and patient!

Here is Carin after her makeover.
I’m thankful for the company of so many kind, hard working, caring people at the shelter each week!

11 thoughts on “Shelter Dog”

  1. Oh Wow, Carin, you sure look so much better and for sure will find a home really soon. You are so cute and I bet you get around just fine. Take care.

  2. Look at that cutie!!! What a difference a little shampoo, cut and style can make! That was so generous of the volunteer. These things can make a huge difference in helping an animal find their forever home. We predict that someone is going to be falling in love with Carin very soon.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  3. Adorable!!! The generosity of volunteers and PAWS staff is priceless! I am sure Carin will be in a loving home in no time

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