Hanging Out

I made a second hammock this week and brought it to PAWS wondering where to put it. I looked for a wide cage inhabited by two cats. When I installed it in Pan and Persephone’s cage, Persephone immediately jumped up and made herself comfortable.

But, she made it pretty clear to brother Pan that it was all hers. Kosmo and Kramer are quite often found snuggled up together in their hammock. At least it gives the caged cats a little more room.

Kosmo and Kramer

Either of these cat pairs would make a wonderful instant family. They’re all healthy and sweet tempered. You can see how beautiful they are!

12 thoughts on “Hanging Out”

  1. Aren’t hammocks just the best? But it does take a little time for some kitties to get used to them. Just curious, what do you use as the “holders” of the hammock? I can’t seem to find any replacement for the ones that break…
    We sure hope the kitties get adopted together. They look so bonded.

  2. Surprisingly, so far the shelter cats have started using the hammocks immediately! Maybe they don’t have many other options…
    I’m using metal “book rings” to attach them to the bars. They’re hinged so you can detach the hammock pretty easily for washing, and seem quite sturdy.
    They’re available in in school supply departments and are inexpensive.

  3. Those two pairs of kitties sure are cute. We sure hope they both get adopted together. They sure look like they get along. Take care.

  4. Just look at that pretty tail – will it be Pan’s turn in the hammock soon? Kosmo and Kramer look so cute cuddling in their hammock too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thank you Maggie for making the hammocks! I love the pix of Pan in the “classic cat pose” with his front legs tucked in!

  6. Those hammocks look like so much fun…a perfect napping and watching spot. Big (((purrs))) to all the sweet kitties. We sure do hope you find your forever families very soon. I’m sure that PAWS is a pretty wonderful place to be, but home is even better.
    xoxo, Katie & Glogirly

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