Black is Very Slimming

I don’t want to embarrass Allie, but she is on w/d (weight reduction) food. She’s 7 years old and not very active. When she’s out of her cage, her favorite activities are napping and supervising other cat’s meals.

“Who me? I just have big bones.”

Allie is a gentle loving cat and would be so happy to have a home to call her own after nearly 2 years at the shelter.

Good News- Allie’s neighbor, tabby Bailey, has been adopted!

11 thoughts on “Black is Very Slimming”

  1. Oh Allie, you aren’t too fat, what are they talking about. You just need your very own home so you can run around a lot. We sure hope you find your own home really soon. Take care.

  2. Pretty Allie – you are looking so cuddly and bright eyes – you don’t need to diet with those shiny furs to make you look gorgeous.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Aw Allie is so cute checking other kitties’ food! Her coat is so shiny and what beautiful eyes she has! I hope she finds her forever home really soon!!

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