8 thoughts on “Persephone and Pan”

  1. What sweeties! They are enough to melt our hearts. We’re glad they are at your place, and will be happier still when they find their family.

    We are giving away kitty toys on Friday, be sure to stop by and visit then.

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! And they look SO much alike…even the markings on the tops of their heads look almost identical.
    We sure hope they can stay together.
    xo, Glogirly & Katie

  3. I would think it would be hard for kitties to adjust to shelter life. But they are both such cute kitties. Hope they find their forever homes soon.

  4. my heart skipped a beat… I came by to visit (I was so thankful your guys added your voice to the chorus for Alex’s well wishes) and when I saw these beauties my mouth dropped open and my heart skipped a beat. They both look so much like Alex did when he was young… my fingers are crossed that they find a forever home soon and they have as good a life as Alex did….

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