Shelter Cats

Old Friend

When a cat is adopted we hope it will be to a sweet forever home.
Unfortunately Minnie is back at the shelter after four years. She’s as beautiful as ever, and actually more friendly and outgoing.

This is a picture of her hiding behind her luxurious tail in 2008.

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Fuzzy Tales
9 years ago

Oh, we’re sorry Minnie is back, poor sweetie. Sending purrs she finds a true forever home soon. She’s certainly gorgeous, hard to imagine anyone resisting her.

9 years ago

Hey Minnie,nit will be okay. I had to get it right the second time too. You are beautiful and we will be purring for you sweetie.

9 years ago

Poor sweet girl, we are so sorry here forever home didn’t work out!!! We hope she finds a new and permanent family soon.

9 years ago

We are so sorry it didn’t work out. : ( But we’re happy you are back at PAWS where you have friends that love you. (((purrs))) for a new family to take you home. Who couldn’t fall in love with those eyes!
xo Katie & Glogirly

9 years ago

That is very sad after four years! I hope she finds a loving home very soon xx

9 years ago

We LOVE Minnie so much. It’s sad she’s back, but rest assured that she’s being well-loved and pampered by the PAWS volunteers while she waits for her new forever home.

9 years ago

Minnie looks a lot like my “Muffin”.. I’m so sorry her furever home turned into a temporary home, but I’m sure something better for her is right around the corner.

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