She had a beautiful little family of three kittens and was a very good mother.
She nursed them, taught them good kitty manners, and they were all adopted right away.
That was in November of 2008.
Mercedes is still at the shelter waiting for a home of her own. She’s shy and quiet. Enjoys the company of other cats, and likes to be gently brushed.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mercedes.

Full house on the Kuranda Cat bed!

13 thoughts on “Mercedes”

  1. the kitten with the brown nose looks just like finn but i don’t think they are the same; hope she finds a home soon. brett

  2. Wish I could take her – she reminds me of my mother’s kitty Molly!!

  3. Oh this brings tears to my eyes….Such a sweet cat, her kittens all in forever homes. So grateful that PAWS takes care of her. We’re purring and praying that Mercedes is adopted soon.
    xo Glogirly & Katie

  4. We are so sorry to hear she is still waiting, poor thing! She is lovely and raised such a nice family. We hope her forever family finds her soon.

  5. Mercedes is a beautiful cat, we send her huge purrs that she finds a loving forever home very soon that cherishes her. (Thanks so much for stopping by our blog, it is nice to meet you!)

  6. P.S. I’ve heard that black cats don’t get adopted as much as others. I don’t know why because I had an all black cat once (Merlin) and he was the sweetest, most gentle and loving cat I’ve ever had! Good luck Mercedes.

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