Kosmo and Kramer are a fun loving pair of young cats. They are brother and sister and devoted pals. If you’re wondering about their names, it turned out that Kosmo is actually a girl cat (I think her name should be changed to Cosmo, like the flower).

In cage or out, they are always together. Fortunately they are waiting safely at PAWS, where the excellent adoption councilors wouldn’t dream of separating them.

8 thoughts on “Inseparable”

  1. A couple of people suggested the Jackson Galaxy spirit essences to me for Derry. I’ve not tried them. But I’ve been looking at a homeopathic calming product from PetAlive at — the calming product I was looking at contains sculetteria (spelling?) and passionflower, I believe. I have taken passionflower myself, drops in a tiny bit of water, and find it works short-term to calm me down.

    I’ve actually got a UT product on the way (from PetAlive) to try for Derry, which has fewer ingredients than the product I’m currently using but has 2 of the same–the ones I suspect DO help. Cheri at Cats of the Wildcat Woods, who uses homeopathy for her cats, and who has a homeopathic vet, recommended the site.

    Also, what about giving the Zylkene a try? It was $26 Canadian for the 30 capsules I got for Derry (one per day). I find him dozy after he takes them, but the effect short-lived — at least so far.

    If you find something natural that works, please do share it!


  2. They are adorable…so wonderful to hear that the adoption counselors will keep them together. …although I can’t imagine anyone wanting to bring home one without the other. (((Purrs))) for a loving forever home for Kosmo & Kramer.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  3. That climbing tree thingy looks splendid. It makes Austin’s birthday pressy look a bit feeble! lol What adorable kitties. I hope they find the purrfect home xx

  4. They are so darn cute. And what fun to have TWO cats come to live with you. We sure hope they find the most wonderful home. Take care.

  5. What a handsome pair of kitties! We know you will find the purrfect home for them soon. Please stop by our blog. Our surprise is out and PAWS is involved! Or did you already know?

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