Shelter Cats

Lap Cat Loreen

Loreen and her sister Krystal have been at PAWS since September 2009. From the start, Krystal has been a good tempered cat, adjusting well to shelter life.

Then there’s Loreen…

There’s a dry erase board in most of the cat rooms with tips on things like favorite toys, whether a cat likes to be brushed, which cats can be out of their cages together. It’s very helpful information. Some months ago a note appeared (Thank you Tracey and Kevin at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life!) advising that if you put a towel in your lap, Loreen would come over and sit. Having needed bandaids from encounters with Loreen in the past, I wasn’t eager to experiment.

Then Sunday I sat down with the towel and called her. She came right over and purred up a storm! Yea!!!

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10 years ago

Perhaps she used to lay on a towel in her before life.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

10 years ago

I LOVE this post, Maggie! We’re so glad that more and more volunteers are getting to know the *real* Loreen. She may have some tortitude, but she is an amazingly affectionate lapcat. 🙂

Oh, and thanks for the shoutout!


Kevin and Tracey

10 years ago

It’s been fun to see how things work behind the scenes with the smocks and now the wipe board. It’s clear the volunteers love these kitties so much and that warms our hearts. How wonderful that Loreen can now be held.
xo Glogirly and Katie

10 years ago



10 years ago

What Glogirly & Katie said! Love Loreen’s coloring!

10 years ago

Loreen, you are stunningly beautiful and I am so happy you are getting lap time! Happy Hoppy Easter everyone!!!

10 years ago

That is great that Tracey and Kevin discovered a nice thing for Loreen. That will help a lot when someone wants to take her home. She is a very pretty kitty. Have a great weekend.

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