Happy Bunny Day

This is a picture I took 6 years ago at PAWS and still has to be one of my favorites. The rabbit was living peacefully in a colony of cats, eating cat food and sleeping cuddled with them.
When the bunny and kittens were brought to the shelter, sometimes we’d see the kittens nibbling on lettuce!

9 thoughts on “Happy Bunny Day”

  1. Just love the photo! Soooooo Sweet!!!
    I coouldn’t help but notice handsome Tommy’s post over at the Tabby Cat Club. I just love the glasses and think I am so in like with him!!!!!! If he is available please give me a call!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is a great picture. Maybe the bunny can find a home with the kitty. Bunnies can live in a house. Bunnies are so cute.
    Take care.

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