The Power of Love

Santana has changed a lot since she came to the Shelter a year ago.
Back then she didn’t even want to be touched. After a lot of love, care, and treats, staff and volunteers have finally convinced her that people are OK.

Santana is affectionate, playful, loves other cats, and has a great purr motor.

Here’s Santana in action on youtube.

7 thoughts on “The Power of Love”

  1. She’s a beautiful ladycat, we’re glad she understands now that humans (some, at least) are very handy to have around to open cans of stinky goodness, to give cuddles and scritches, to manipulate wand toys. 🙂

    we hope she finds a wonderful forever home!

  2. Santana, you look like such a nice kitty. Glad you are getting used to the humans. We sure hope someone takes you home soon. Have a great week end.

  3. So glad to see Santana enjoying some affection! She’s come a long way since her first days at PAWS!

  4. Gorgeous baby girl and such a sweet purr-sonality!
    Yea Santana!
    Yea PAWS!
    And YEA Maggie for showing her off!


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