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Christmas in March

The nice people at Mr. Chewy offered us a $50 gift certificate to their site.
They have a huge selection of cat and dog food. There’s also free shipping if you spend over $49.
I ordered treats for the cats at PAWS and the box arrived the very next day!

My cats were so excited!

Then I told them that they could only keep the box…*

*Only kidding. I paid for an extra bag of treats for my cats at home.

If you shop at Mr. Chewy, use the code SWAN3421 on your first order and get 10% off. They’ll also donate $10 to an animal shelter.

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10 years ago

We’ve ordered from Mr. Chewy several times and really like them. The boxes are pretty cool, too!

Truffle and Brulee

10 years ago

We are familiar with Mr. Chewy and we so glad the cats at Paws got so many goodies. That is just terrific. Take care.

10 years ago

Well it looks as though you will be eating very well.
Thanks for your kind words about Hannah – we are sure when the soreness wears off she will be her usual self and hopefully Lucy will stop spitting as there must still be some vet smell about!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

10 years ago

Merry Christmas Kitties!
Happy New Year!
Happy Valentines!
Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Enjoy your Treats . . .

I am sure there are more treats where those came from . . .
(one extra bag, sure maggie)


10 years ago

There is nothing like the holidays to bring the family together!


10 years ago

We LOVE Mr. Chewy, too. That’s so nice of you to use your credit to buy some noms for the PAWS cats. 🙂

Glad your crew at least got *one* bag, though!

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