Games for Cats

Here’s Mickey checking out the ipad app, “Game for Cats“. It has three levels of play which include a mouse, a butterfly, and a dot of light similar to a laser toy.

Gracie was briefly amused, but when the mouse went off screen she tried to get under the ipad to see where it had gone. Cats are hunters and my cats weren’t interested for long- once they found out they weren’t going to actually catch anything.
Still, it’s a free app and if you have an ipad, Mickey and Gracie suggest you check it out. Tommie opted to take a nap.

If you like people games for mobile devices, my daughter has a review site – Best Game Apps.

4 thoughts on “Games for Cats”

  1. CUTE! Don’t have an Ipad, just a little IPOD. I wonder if Tinkerbell would care about anything that small.Now my computer screen…that’s a different story, she is in LOVE with the curser arrow.

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