Games for Cats – Part 2

Around our house, this is the toy that Mickey Mouser finds irresistible.

Mickey and I were playing with it the other night while watching Jackson Galaxy work his magic on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell”. Suddenly Jackson opened his guitar case and pulled out the identical toy!

I think the secret of its allure is a very flexible long wire and a cute little mouse made of bristles. We highly recommend the Cat Catcher.

What’s your cat’s favorite toy?

7 thoughts on “Games for Cats – Part 2”

  1. Hannah loves a sparkly ball that makes a noise when it is whapped. Lucy loves a tiny lion (called Leo) that came out a a cheap pack of cat toys) but I think her tunnel is the best and most used toy ever. It is getting very worse for wear as it gets a lot of ROUGH treatment!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. While laser tag is always popular, my kids are “old school” and favorite toys include chasing a shoelace that I drag behind me as I run through the house (exercise for all!), the plastic ring off a gallon of milk and crumpled up ATM receipts.

    My cat Hobbs who I recently lost would even play fetch with the ATM receipts!

  3. Oooh, that looks like fun, Mickey! At our house, it depends who you ask. Moosey likes Da Bird (which Jackson Galaxy also uses on his show), while Sammy prefers a mouse on a bouncy string toy. 🙂

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