Many years ago, when I first started volunteering at PAWS, there was a cat who lived in one of the shelter offices. More specifically, this cat lived under a chair in the office. When anyone came into the room to clean or feed, the poor traumatized cat would scoot under the chair and hiss. This went on for some months.

One day a woman came to PAWS looking for a cat companion. The adoption councilor brought her into the office and she sat in the chair. The cat came out from underneath, jumped in her lap, and started to purr!

I’ve often wondered, was it something in the woman’s tone of voice? Was it her perfume? Did the woman trigger a memory of the cat’s loved ones?

When I’m discouraged about some of the shelter cats’ prospects, when it seems like they’ll never find a new home and loving family, I think about this story.
There’s always hope.

Two year old Mocha came to the shelter just last week. She’s friendly and enjoys the company of people and other cats.

UPDATE: Good news, Mocha has been adopted!

7 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. We loved your story of Hope. There is always hope, without that you have nothing. Good luck Mocha on finding a forever family, we know you will find one soon.

  2. Well…that brought tears to my eyes…what a wonderful wonderful story and happy ending for Hope.

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