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Happy New Year!

Here are just a few of the Shelter cats and kittens we cared for and loved in the past year. They’re all celebrating today in their very own homes. My wish for the New Year is a safe and loving family for all animals, and for people too.

Their names have probably changed now that they’ve been adopted, but starting at the top from left to right, here are:
Emmanuel, Calypso, Sophie, Pedro, Tallahassee, Luisa, Pixiedoodle, Gideon, Cameron, Yoshi, Leo, Lynne, Kiet, Levi, Trinket, Willow, and Charleston.

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10 years ago

Look at all those precious faces! Lucky, lucky babies starting their second chances in a new home. Too wonderful for words.

10 years ago

Happy new year to you too! We hope 2012 brings more laughter than tears, more joy than sorrow. And forever homes for all the waiting kitties!

10 years ago

Oh that is so exciting that all those kitties found homes. We sure hope that lots more find a home. A very Happy New Year to all of you and many thanks for all that you do for the animals. Take care.

10 years ago

What a great way to ring in the new year. 🙂 Happy New Year, dear friend!

10 years ago

…then we add Fritz to the list and I am sure many more happy whiskers who are very grateful for all the people at Paws ! Happy New Year !

10 years ago

Great shots and great adoptions! More happening as we speak! Me thinks the one next to Emmanuel ain’t Calypso, tho…think it’s a boy from the meeting room that is short-haired. Can’t think of the name! Old age sets in…

10 years ago

Happy MEW Year to you all!


10 years ago

bonne année and keep doing your great Job
Le Chat Photographe and his friends from The Shelter wish you all the best in this new year

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