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Mickey – Gotcha Day

One year ago he was living in a wooded area along a busy road with his Mother and siblings. Volunteers set traps to rescue the family, spay or neuter them, and get them to safety. Fortunately the stinky sardines in the trap proved irresistible to this little kitten.

There was no room for him at the shelter, so we agreed to foster him in our home. Mickey was 11 weeks old and only 2.2 pounds, small and badly undernourished.

My husband and I couldn’t part with him when it was time to bring him to the shelter (although our cat Gracie would have been OK with it). We adopted Mickey Mouser and now, one year later, we are a happy three cat household.

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10 years ago

A Love Story!
I love a good Love Story!
“And they lived happily ever after!”


10 years ago

What a wonderful story…I love foster-fail stories!!! Mickey is too cute for words.

10 years ago

Such a beautiful story, Maggie! Thank you for loving Mickey so much and so well. It makes us happy to know he has such a loving family. 🙂

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey!

10 years ago

What a great story. Mickey, you are so handsome! A belated Happy Gotcha Day.

10 years ago

Belated happy Gotcha Day, Mickey! Your story is a wonderful happy-ever-after one! 🙂

-Nicki and Derry

10 years ago

What a handsome guy! Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey!

10 years ago

He’s my boy! Actually yours:(

10 years ago

I Love Cats 🙂

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