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10 years ago

Such precious babies! Love the dance names. 🙂

We’re sending our purrs that they all find wonderful forever homes!

10 years ago

Aww, these were my foster babies! They’re so sweet! I’m so glad to see photos of them enjoying themselves 🙂

10 years ago

Those photos are too cute! We hope the find their homes soon.

10 years ago

May I have this dance . . .


10 years ago

I saw them napping Saturday sooo cute!

10 years ago

Hi, everybody! This is our first visit ’cause we had to see the kittens. They are so cute!!!

The dance names seem to fit them, too. Great idea. Julie want Cha Cha!

Hugs to all from us,
Tom & Julie

10 years ago

Oh wow, they are SO adorable! 🙂

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