5 thoughts on “Widget and Sam”

  1. Never heard the term guardian and I like it: gives it a different spin and perspective. However, I call my cat my baby and I am her mommy. What ever term someone wants to use is fine with me, but guardian seems to lack emotional attachment to me. I guess it’s because I worked in a nursing home as a social worker & distant relatives and even lawyers were sometimes the guardians of the elderly residents. Unfortunately, they never visited them and spent time with them; so, it makes me think of it in those terms.

  2. Excellent news about their new Families!
    In the beginning my kittens ask me to be their Person,
    now I am the Mama.


  3. I think guardian sounds sweet…like a guardian angel. But, in my house they are my babies & I’m the mama. So happy for Widget & Sam!

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