4 thoughts on “Kisses and Hisses”

  1. Violet! You are one gorgeous kitty! You must be part Siamese. And Maggie – you are pretty cute too! We love your spotted nose! Quite a fashion statement!

  2. Violet you sure have some pretty colored furs. But Maggie you are very pretty too. We love the gray color. Hope you two find your forever homes really soon.

  3. Beautiful girls, both of them. I hope Violet continues to become more social & embraces her inner purrs instead of hisses. Maggie’s nose is too much. I love kitty noses.

  4. Thanks for mentioning our post about Maggie 2. Isn’t she the cutest? And Violet is beautiful! We haven’t really met her yet (but I’m sure we will). 🙂

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