4 thoughts on “Kitten Chorus”

  1. Hah! My cat looks almost EXACTLY like the one on a green bistro chair in the photo at the Hemingway Kittens Wikipedia link, and he is one difficult cat! He has double extra toes on each front and back foot, and is really cute, and can be very affectionate, but he pees on anything out of place or new to mark it as his, and is known to bite VERY hard as soon as he decides that he has had enough petting, with no warning. My small son is terrified of him. 🙂 But yeah, super cute… just not so easy going or sweet tempered! That said, I’d get another polydactyl cat in a second. 🙂

  2. That said, I should mention that I wasn’t super cuddly with him when he was a baby, as I wanted him to become a friend for my dog, and he actually was purring and kneading on the dog within 2 hrs of coming into the house, as a small kitten like these ones. He remains enamoured of dogs to this day (though I no longer have one), and I’ve only seen him be super sweet with dogs. So maybe I should take the blame for his bad socialization to humans! BTW we call them “mittens”.

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