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Here are kitten Pisces (Mini-Me?) and young cat Quinn.

Petunia lives in the same room with them. All are tabbies with white chest, paws, and face markings… but how different they are.

Good news! When I was at the shelter Thursday I witnessed a heartwarming event – the love-at-first-sight meeting of Quinn and his new family.
Quinn has gone home. Yea!

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11 years ago

Great pictures! Isn’t it awesome when you get to see the cats and their forever people choose each other? 🙂

Leelah and Peter
11 years ago

We love Petunia’s eyes! The color of sea glass. Mommie loves them too! And we are so happy Quinn has found his fur-ever home! meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwyyllll.

11 years ago

• • •
QUINNtessential {kwintəˈsen ch əl} • adjective
• • •
representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class:
He was the quintessential tough cat—strong, silent, and self-contained.
• • •

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