When Swifty was 11 years old, his owner “released” him to PAWS.
Swifty needed a drastic hair cut because of his matted ungroomed coat.
He’s a very sweet tempered guy, despite the downturn in his fortunes.

I’ll post an “after” picture of this handsome cat when his coat grows back.
But I really hope he’s not at the shelter that long.

3 thoughts on “Swifty”

  1. Oh Swifty! How handsome and wise you are. We think your fortune just improved hugely when you came to PAWS, even though you look a little unconvinced.

    May a great home be yours long before that coat comes back!

    Whicky et al

  2. Bless his heart!
    He looks like my strays at Gold’s Gym.
    Somebody didn’t get all of his kitty kisses . . .
    he will surely get them now.
    Thanks PAWS!

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