The Girls

This is Momma Margarita and her daughter Larissa below. They sound like heroines from a Victorian novel!
Paws never uses numbers instead of names, but I wonder how often adopting families keep the shelter names.

Great cat names- click HERE.
UPDATE: Margarita and Larissa have been adopted together!

5 thoughts on “The Girls”

  1. They are a beautiful pair!

    I kept my cat Luna’s name when I adopted her from the shelter – I thought it suited her perfectly.

  2. They’re gorgeous. The shelter looks very well appointed. Our local shelter is awful, with the cats in tiny cages, not allowed out, no daylight, no play time or socializing at all. I have a HUGE problem with our local shelter. They don’t even automatically spay/neuter!

    I’m a member of another shelter, outside of our city, and the cats do have small cages, but get out all morning to roam in the rooms, while the volunteers are there cleaning, feeding, etc. The cat rooms have big windows too, and lots of kitty climbing posts and toys. It’s not great, but far better than our own city’s meager efforts.

  3. Oh, I got distracted, meant to say I kept Chumley’s shelter because it fit him. Annie had been “Fleur” and that didn’t suit at all. I don’t remember what Nicki’s shelter name had been, but Derry’s shelter name was Rock. One of his siblings was named Roll. Can’t recall the other one.

    I suspect most people rename their furry companions, but I think the name sometimes just comes to you, based on personality traits or what have you.

  4. What a beautiful Mother and Daughter. I hope they can be homed together. They both have mastered the art of the winsome gaze. Nice names too.

    Whicky Wuudler

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